Free Consultation and Adjustment for Frontline Workers

Frontline workers put their lives and health on the line to be there to support us when we need them. Covid-19 has brought an even higher level of stress and risk for those working in the frontline industries.

Frontline workers, especially firefighters, EMTs, and hospital staff are prone to injuries of the back, neck, and joints caused by overexertion or strain. These injuries can be painful, long-lasting, and can prevent them from being able to work.

That’s why today and every day, frontline workers receive their first chiropractic consultation and adjustment at Stark Chiropractic and Sports at no cost.

Dr. Stark is a licensed EMT in addition to being a sports chiropractor. This means that she isn’t just evaluating injuries and discomforts as a doctor. She’s also an insider that understands the rigors of being a frontline worker, and the tasks and movements that are causing pain and injury.

Frontline workers who qualify for a free consultation and adjustment are:

  • Police

  • Firefighters

  • EMS (paramedic/EMT)

  • Hospital nurses/doctors

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See a Sports Chiropractor

Visiting a Sports Chiropractor instead of a traditional chiropractor is a great idea for athletes and beginners alike. Sports chiropractic is specifically aimed at the treatment and prevention of injuries in sports. If you’re just starting a workout plan after a long period of inactivity, schedule a consultation with Dr. Stark for an evaluation and guidance so you can exercise with confidence and direction.

Dr. Stark is a Sports Chiropractor and a certified EMT in North Houston.

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