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5 Ways to Get Moving Today, No Matter Your Fitness Level

Get Moving Today, No Matter Where You’re Starting From

Whether it’s been weeks or years since you last exercised, it’s always the right time to start (even if this is your first time)! The good news is that there are so many incredible, fun, and doable ways to get moving, no matter what your starting fitness level is.

Don’t be discouraged or intimidated by overly complicated workout routines. Start with something you enjoy, that makes you feel great! Here’s a few simple activities and ideas to build your confidence and your muscles. Whatever you choose doesn’t have to be perfect, and it definitely doesn’t have to be complicated; it just has to be something you’ll do!

The 5 Best Exercises for Beginners

1. Go for a long walk. Walking is hands down one of the all time best exercises for everyone, regardless of their level of fitness! Going for a nice, long walk --whether that’s to the end of your driveway and back, or a 7-mile excursion-- has a whole host of benefits.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, walking not only improves your mood and helps you lose weight, it also helps prevent bone loss in women with osteoporosis. In fact, one study found those who walked 30 minutes a day saw a 40% reduction in their risk of hip fractures!

Walking also increases your endurance, making other daily tasks a little easier. So if your starting ability only gets you the end of the driveway and back, celebrate it! Keep making that walk every day, and soon you’ll be walking to the end of the street and beyond, and noticing you’re less out of breath the rest of the day, too.

Even healthy, active people benefit from walking. Walking supports your joints by providing increased blood flow, slows down mental decline and lowers your risk of Alzheimers, improves sleep, strengthens muscles, and improves circulation.

Got an hour lunch break? Spend 20 minutes strolling around outside. By the end of your walk, you’ll have covered a mile!

2. Try yoga. One of the best things about yoga is that there is a modification for every position, in both directions! Gentle yoga and restorative yoga are great places to start if you have a lot of joint pain or limited muscle strength. Vinyasa “flow” yoga is probably the most commonly practiced version, and can be made easier or harder at every step along the way. There’s also yoga for seniors, chair yoga, yoga for injured vets, yoga for children, and more. In short, there’s a yoga practice for you!

Another great benefit of yoga is that everyone practices at their own ability, and a yoga studio is an open, inviting, judgement free space. Arrive a few minutes early and talk to the yoga instructor before class begins. Let them know about any injuries you have, if you’ll need modification cues for your knees, hips, or back, and share any anxieties or concerns you might have about starting your yoga practice. This way, the instructor can be sure to provide you with everything you need to have an amazing experience!

3. Brush up on an old hobby. The number one secret to getting moving is to do something you enjoy! Don’t torture yourself with an exercise routine that is too difficult or doesn’t hold your interest. Whether you were into rollerblading, skateboarding, or racquetball, pull that equipment out of your closet and give it a go!

In no time you’ll be wondering “why did I ever stop doing this?” But don’t get discouraged if you can’t pull off all your old tricks. Remember, if you’re moving and you’re enjoying yourself, that’s the most important part. No, really!

4. Dive into a new hobby. If none of your old hobbies are calling your name or you just want to broaden your fitness horizons, try learning something new! People are often deterred from exercising because they don’t enjoy lifting weights, doing crossfit, or running. But there are so many other ways to get a killer workout, get your joints loosened up, and strengthen your muscles all while having fun. Again, exercise should make you feel good, so don’t force yourself into an exercise routine that you hate and won’t keep up!

Thanks to YouTube, PopSugar, and a whole host of paid online subscription based services, it’s easier than ever to learn new skills. As an added bonus, you’ll be exercising/practicing from the privacy of your own home. This is a great way to gain confidence in your new hobby away from the “public” eye.

Here’s just a few of the things you can learn online (totally free on YouTube and PopSugar):

  • Boxing/kickboxing

  • Pilates & yoga

  • At-home weightlifting & bodyweight exercises

  • Karate & martial arts

  • Tai chi (an excellent activity if you have limited mobility!)

  • Hula-hooping

  • And so much more

5. Hula-hoop! No, seriously! Hula-hooping is a great strengthening exercise. When you hula-hoop, you strengthen your abs, low back, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles! It’s also a great exercise for loosening up stiff hips and your lower back. Weighted hula-hoops are available if you’re looking for an extra challenge.

And let’s face it, if you’re not smiling, you’re definitely not doing it right!

Getting Started the Safe and Smart Way

Always pair a new exercise routine with a medical examination, especially if it’s been a while since you exercised regularly. A consultation with a Sports Chiropractor like Dr. Stark can lead to a better, more fulfilling, and less painful re-entry into the world of fitness. Dr. Stark will evaluate your mobility and provide pointers and best practices for getting started that are tailored to YOUR specific needs and goals.

Book a consultation at Stark Chiropractic and Sports right here using our hassle-free online booking portal, or give the office a call at 281-836-5908.

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