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Free Youth Activities in Houston this Summer

Summer vacation is a great time for kids to rest, prepare for the upcoming school year, and explore passions and hobbies that get lost in the shuffle. But summer break can also be a struggle for parents who have busy work schedules or who lack the funds to pay for expensive summer camps.

This can be especially difficult for kids who play sports but are unable to play in club leagues and workshops over the summer. The lack of daily physical activity can put them behind when school sports start up again. This can also cause depression or moodiness if your kids aren’t getting exercise elsewhere, especially with teenagers.

Luckily, the City of Houston provides a bunch of great free activities for local youth through the Parks Department!

Check out these options:


There will be a minimum of one pool open per district all summer long, based on lifeguard availability. To find out which pools are open on which days, you can check out the city’s official 2022 pool schedule.

Swimming is a great low-impact sport that increases endurance and builds strength, especially in the back, glutes, and shoulders. Plus, it’s a fun way to cool off while keeping your muscles warm!

As an added note, the city is looking for additional lifeguards. Applicants must be at least 16 years old. Get the details here.


Children aged 6 to 13 are eligible to participate in the city’s free afterschool enrichment program. The Fun at Bat baseball skills program takes place on Wednesdays at 52 different Community Center sites.

You can register your kids for the free afterschool enrichment program here.

See the list of Community Center Sites participating in Fun at Bat here.


The City of Houston offers a free, year-round tennis program for youths aged 4-18 (6-18 during the school year). Tennis is an awesome way to build core strength, increase endurance, and burn off extra energy! It’s a great activity for those looking to keep in shape in preparation for their school sports season.

Participants must register for the program and participation is granted based on availability and space, so register as early as possible.

Get all the details and register for the City of Houston’s free youth tennis program here.

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